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I just had some fun reading the reviews on Amazon. Of course I ignored the mindless 5 star reviews from the brainless bimbos who refuse to admit this story is crap, but the 1 star reviews are hilarious and pretty much say what my earlier post stated.  Many are justifiably asking for refunds!

Amazon 1 star reviews for Grey!

Here are my favorites:

“I was so excited about the book. I had to ask for a refund, I already paid once for the story, it’s like she copied the first book, and just changed a few words here and there. ust repeated the same thing.”

Um, were you expecting something else?  Like maybe Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer, where you are given a completely new story from a completely new POV?  Nah, I didn’t think so.  LOL

“Boring, boring, boring. This author does not care about her fan base, publishing this book was out of greed.”

EL James, greedy?  No, tell me it aint so!

“Horrible writing, but EL James is going to milk it as long as she can.”

Of course she will, when she has dim witted dip shits adding to her coffers.

“Completely repititous of original book but original book better writen. Added nothing insightful. Made CHristian sound like a whiner. Feel like this was only written to get more money.”

No, really? Tell me it isn’t so.

“I want proof that this is Christian Grey’s POV, because what I’ve read sounds like Anna’s Inner Goddess got snockered on some cheap booze, and possibly some bath salts.”

Proof? On a fictional character’s POV?  Really?

I could go on, but why bother?  It’s still #1 on Amazon, but hopefully that declines soon. This bitch is already richer than Midas thanks to you idiots.  I just can’t…






I’m pleased to announce that I have my first author to join the newly formed Blush Erotica Pubs.  Her name is Tress Jolie, and I just published the first part of her first book, Fallen Angel.  Be sure to head over to Smashwords to read the first part for free!

Blush the publisher

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Hey there!  I just had a thought after noticing one of my favorite erotic authors on Smashwords is also a publisher.  I think that’s something I can do.  So if you like to write short smut and are too shy to put yourself out there (or just don’t want to give your social security number to anyone), I can publish it for you.  I’ll edit it, design the cover and even publish it on Amazon (in addition to Smashwords and all the bookstores they distribute to), and all I’ll get is 25% of any net sales you bring in.  Since I will be editing and designing the cover (unless you want to make that), I will require exclusivity for a year.

The only catch is that I get final say on what stories I’ll publish under my name.  If I can’t get through it to edit it, then I won’t publish it.  Don’t worry though, it’s rare I can’t finish a story, and I’ve read some doozies. One had anal this and anal that in just about every sentence.  Couldn’t make it through the first chapter.

All I’ll need from you is a paypal account where I can send your monthly earnings (if any), and of course I’ll provide a breakdown of sales. No personal information will be required up front and then only if you make more then $600 in any calendar year. If you still don’t wish to provide a social security number, you can easily apply for an EID (easily get yours now online), which I personally think everyone should have anyway.

There are a few things I won’t even attempt to read, and here they are:

Necrophilia (other than the living dead: vampires, zombie, etc are OK)
Anything to do with crap (literally, that is disgusting)
Sex with children (this isn’t allowed anywhere anyway)
Gratuitous violence and/or gore (remember, this is erotica, not horror fiction)

If I can think of anything else, I’ll add it later.  I’m not including bestiality as a no no, but you do need to realize that it won’t be distributed beyond Smashwords, and I can’t publish it on Amazon. Also note that I deliberately left off gay erotica from the taboo list, since although I don’t like reading or writing it, I know that many people do. So as long as it doesn’t break any of the above rules, hit me with your best shot.

If you’re interested, please visit the submissions page and fill in the form.

Now’s your chance to save some money and get two of my newest books together.  This book can’t be found in searches, so I’m guessing that Spicy is too kinky to be advertised. It can only be found by a direct link: or by visiting my author page:

Ok, I guess pigs do have wings and hell has frozen over.  EL James made good with her threats on writing 50 Shades of Grey from Christian’s POV.  And here it is:

I can only hope that none of you who actually click this link will buy the book, since I won’t even get commission for it. DAMMIT!  But the thing that really irks me is that the greedy bitch has priced it at $9.99 (ETA lowered to $7.99) for the Kindle as well as the paperback. Like it costs as much to release it in ebook format as printing the fucking book?  OMG!  To make matters even worse, it’s currently #2, and I’m sure with all the sad sacks out there who like this rubbish, it will be #1 before its official release date of June 18th. That’s right. The damn thing isn’t even available right now, but the damn stupid bimbos are buying it up like it’s crack.

I hope that the majority of the morons who  will finally get inside the book Christian’s head will immediately realize their mistake and demand their refunds.  Luckily, Amazon does allow this for up to 2 weeks.  I know since I’ve seen some stingy shits doing that with my books on occasion. Luckily though more people keep the books than actually have the nerve to read it for free.

I for one didn’t even want to read the book from Ana’s POV, so I certainly don’t want to get inside the head of the monster Christian is on paper.  Write it based on the movie Christian, then I might be tempted!

6/3/15 ETA: UGH! It’s now #1 bestseller on Amazon!  What is the world coming to?!?!

BDSM Collection

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For those of you who would like a collection of my erotica, I have released one with my 15 Layers trilogy, Kinky Kitty Kept, Roni’s Abduction and my brand new hot short, Tempting the Boss. You can currently get it on Amazon. It will be on the other retailers as soon as Smashwords gets around to approving it for distribution.