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Kinky Kitty Kept & Roni’s Abduction

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Smut
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Phew!  Back to back erotica.  I tell you what!  Once I’d finished writing these hot new stories, I had to rape my husband on the couch.  Wow! I decided that Kitty’s story wasn’t finished, so I think I wrapped it up with a nice bow for those of you who wanted her to wake up and tell her man what she wanted.  Kinky Kitty Kept starts with Kinky Kitty and then continues with more hot bondage sex.

Roni’s Abduction starts with a lost girl checking into what turns out to be the inn from hell.  She is afraid for her life, until she realizes she recognizes the voice of one of her captors.  Will he be her chance to escape? Warning, there is attempted rape and uncomfortable situations which might not be the best thing for rape survivors to read.  For those of us with rape fantasies, you should be just fine.  😉