About Blush

Hello!  My name is Blush Rose, and I write erotica.  I also write sensual and erotic romances under my main name, but this pen name is reserved for stuff that makes even me blush.  I’m mostly proud of my trilogy of short ebooks that are a parody of the 50 Shades trilogy.  The first one is free, and the 2nd and 3rd are for the low price of $ 0.99 & $1.49 each respectively.  For those who want the whole story at once, the trilogy is now available at most of the popular online book stores, including Amazon.

I will also be publishing any experimental erotic writing I do under Blush Rose.  Anything that is just too intense for my normal fan base.  I will touch on topics such as rape, adultery, BDSM and other sexual fantasies that intrigue me.  This new anonymity will hopefully allow me to unleash my wild side. Hopefully my new readers (and possibly some of my old ones) will enjoy this new side of my writing.

One major thing you need to know about me is that I am not politically correct, and freely speak my mind.

Thanks and check back often.


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