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The idiocy caused by the LGBT movement against the parades in the Northeast have inspired me to write a poem.

Oh Guinness, Heinekin and Sam Adams beer
It seems you all like it up the rear.
It actually makes sense you like crap,
since that is what gets poured from the tap.

What is my beer of choice, you retort?
Well, it’s ice cold Bud Light, of course.
Anheiser Busch, all the way,
a true beer maker to rise above the fray.

I’m sure the parade goers will all rise their mugs and cheer
with family and friends, enjoying their choice beer.
Green is the color to celebrate today of all days,
not purple, rainbow or other nonsense  reserved for gays.

Oh Guinness, Heinekin and Sam Adams beer,
What will you do next year,
if instead of the fags crying about their fate,
pedophile vets want to participate?