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Roses are red, Violets are blue

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Smut

How about some nice poetry to clear the air? ¬†ūüėČ

Roses are red,
and so is blood.
Arteries sliced,
there is a flood.

Violets are blue,
and so are eyes.
Tears of sorrow,
lead to good-byes.

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
All stories end,
and so will you!


My new smutty short based on Jen

Posted: December 25, 2013 in Erotica
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Since writing is cathartic for me, and it really helped me release my anger over the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey by writing 15 Layers of d’Onion, I decided to write about how angry her betrayal made me. ¬†I published the free short story on Smashwords. ¬†If said author reads it and is offended, I really don’t care. ¬†You publicly posted for your readership that you would smear my name all over your blog, because I dared tell a bitch to get over herself. ¬†And just for the record, I didn’t say that all fat people should die so I didn’t have to look at them. ¬†I told one idiotic fat woman, who stated herself that it was her right to get heart disease and diabetes, as she insulted one of YOUR readers, that if SHE died, the rest of us wouldn’t have to look at her. ¬†Big difference, but since your head is so far up your own self righteous ass, you took that totally out of context and made me sound like I hated all fat people. ¬†That was obviously your interpretation, and I don’t really care. ¬†I respected you as a fellow author, and I thought we had a lot in common, so what you did totally floored me. ¬†So I wrote about you and how I see your life. ¬†I had to, in order to wrap my mind around what you support, who you defend, and what you write.

Now I can move on. ¬†If you feel the need to be a bigger bitch and tie this name to my other pen name, you will have to live with that. ¬†It will show the world what an utter bitch you are, since I’m not even posting your full name here, or even in the story I wrote. ¬†So I’m not smearing your name. ¬†So if you do it to me, I hope the backlash is worse for you, since I will just ride it out until no one cares (if anyone does in the first place, which I doubt).

If anyone else would like to read my BDSM/Menage short story, based on a messed up erotic author, here is the link:

Oh Jen!

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Smut

Oh Jen!

She sits upon a throne of her own creation
starving for the adoration of her screwed up Nation.
Spewing her venom for the world to consume,
as she whines constantly about her gloom and doom.

Does she need reinforcement for her opinion so badly
that she has so completely lost grip of her sanity?
Trashing Buffy and the gang for all the wrong reasons,
even though she has watched every last season.

At least 50 Shades of Grey deserved her punches,
but what’s next on her grim list? Well I have hunches.
Fellow authors who aren’t politically correct are targets,
if they dare insult her favorite fag fiction markets.

She claims to be married to a dude and is submissive,
but here’s guessing she prefers a taco to a sausage.

So pen names are sock puppets?

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Smut

I was just informed by an author that pen names are sock puppets. ¬†I had thought this author was a professional, but she basically threatened me on her blog that she would reveal my “true identity” to her readership. ¬†Jen, if you’re lurking on my blog, that would just prove what a sick bitch you are. ¬†You admit on your site that you are mentally ill. Well, I guess this proves it. ¬†I created this pen name so I could say what I think without caring about the consequences. ¬†Do you really think I would post how I feel under my main pen name? ¬†Yes, who you think I am is just another pen name, genius. ¬†I have a family to protect, and the last thing I would ever do is reveal my real name to people online, especially to the catty bitches who visit your blog.

And do you really think I give two shits about what my previous publisher thinks about my opinions on gay people? ¬†I really don’t, especially since I won’t ever publish through them again. ¬†If you get turned on my two men screwing, then you are as screwed up as the other women out there who feel that way. I’m sorry, but the only thing that turns me on is reading about a man screwing a woman. ¬†You’re obviously more mentally ill than you give yourself credit for, but to publicly post all that about me? ¬†I didn’t think you were that childish. ¬†You must have a brain, since you come up with such interesting stories, so you should know that I can’t be truthful as myself. Would you reveal the real names of those bitches on your blog who use obviously made up names? ¬†So what gives you the right to reveal anything about me? ¬†I didn’t cover my ass, as you put it, because I thought I could trust another author. ¬†Since you don’t seem to have a problem posting all your pen names all over the place, I guess you think we should all do it? ¬†I don’t think so.

Please get over yourself. ¬†I’m just sorry I ever read that book of yours and discovered you at all. I would have been better off without you and your stupid nation of effed up fans. ¬†Oh, and I never went back to read the comments your immature fans (or you) posted to what I wrote. ¬†I could care less what vile they puked up. I’m fed up with you and your blog, so forgive me if I’m not offended at not being welcome there anymore. I only visit to read your recaps, so from now on, I’ll leave it at that and ignore the rest of your tedious ramblings.

ETA: Oh, and I removed my honest review from your fag fiction. Decided that since you’re such a spiteful little bitch, you might actually post fake reviews on my stuff to get back at me. ¬†It’s a shame too, since I thought we had something in common, with our mutual disdain for 50 Shades of Grey. Guess my honesty was OK as long as I was slamming what you don’t like, but God forbid I do the same thing about some dysfunction you support. ¬†I should have known better, especially after seeing how you attack ANYONE who disagrees with you! ¬†Good riddance to bad rubbish. Maybe you need to ask yourself why you’re so damn depressed? ¬†Could it be because of how fucked up you are? Look in the mirror, psycho!

12/27 ETA: I just did some minimal research into what sock puppet accounts are, and I wanted to clear up a misconception that she has about something she obviously has no clue about.  When authors create sock puppet accounts, they use them to post fake reviews about their work, and create buzz about it.  That is not why I created this pen name, as I clearly state in the About page here and on Smashwords.  This is for my hardcore writing and my platform to be as non-politically correct as I want.  I do not do anything to tie myself to my main pen name for the general public, though I have done nothing to actually hide who I am.  That is why she was able to tell, but as I said, I thought I could trust another author. Shame on me for that.  So stop throwing around terms that you clearly know nothing about, miss not-so-know-it-all!