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Passengers – second thoughts

Posted: November 4, 2017 in Review

I told you, this movie makes you think! I had a conversation with my sister about the ending, and she had an interesting idea. Knowing that they couldn’t have more than one child to prevent any incest, they would have put their son/daughter in hibernation at the age of 18. Then he/she would be able to live out his/her life on the new planet. I’m sure it would be hard for the child to know Aurora and Jim would be long dead by then, but it would be the best solution.

I have since come up with another solution that would have prevented Jim and Aurora from dying on the ship. Assuming they didn’t have children at all, they could have put each other temporarily into hibernation for a year or two at a time, to make the 88 years go by faster. That way they would both still be alive when they reached the planet, and they could spend their golden years there. For instance if each of them spent 2 years in hibernation and then spent 1 year together and then repeated that, 5 years would go by for every 3 each was awake. That would be 52.8 years instead of 88. Or, if they shortened that, maybe 1 year for each in hibernation and they only spent 3 months together, it would feel like only 48.9 passed. They could even have spent three months with each other between hibernations. So 1 year in hibernation, 3 months together, 1 year in hibernation for the other, and then 3 months together…etc. And that would only increase their awake time to 52.8 years, which is the same as the first scenario. Basically, the less time they spend with each other, the less they age. I figure this might be what they did after the “honeymoon” phase wore off. LOL