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I seriously thought I was done ranting about Jen, but I guess I’m not.  Apparently, her blog went viral and was picked up by a national online newspaper, so she got many honest negative responses to her petty BS.  Of course her nation of fucked up followers are quick to defend her, since they lurv her, but everyone else is oh so tired of her crap.  Apparently, one such person posted something so nasty that she was half tempted to stop blogging.  I personally am glad she decided not to give it up, since I do enjoy reading some of her stuff.  She can be very funny at times, but she unleashed her venom on this person, basically calling him (I’m assuming a male by the name he used) every bad name in her arsenal and even threatened legal action.

She threatened to post my name on her blog after I dared insult one of her nation, and I guess she threatened to do the same with this guy.  So if you dare go to her blog and post something she doesn’t like, she’ll let the world know who you are, encourage her fans to spam and basically harass you.  I personally am more than a bit afraid of her freaky followers, since they are almost cult like in their worship of her.  It’s actually a bit sickening, which is probably why I posted a bit more negatively than I usually do on her controversial post.  But to see how low she sinks is a bit of a shocker. She is supposed to be a professional after all, but I’m beginning to think she is slipping into dementia.

Yes, I know I should stop visiting her blog, and I probably will once she finishes recapping the book I’ve been following for many months now.    That shouldn’t take too much longer and then  I will truly try to stop visiting.  Though that might be hard, since her site is like a bloody car accident.  You don’t really want to look, but morbid curiosity gets the better of you. Then you look and regret it, but you keep looking.

Jen, if you lurk here, I feel sorry for you.  I truly do.  It’s pathetic really that you think it’s perfectly OK to bitch about other people and their projects, but you can’t handle any retaliation.  Hell, I didn’t even insult you when you unleashed your venom on me.  I just expressed a few of my opinions that you didn’t agree with, and all hell broke loose. Damn, I feel sorry for your husband and kids.  Not only do they have to deal with a wife/mother who sinks into depression over a broken finger nail, but you treat them like shit if they dare have their own opinion.  It must be hell in your household. No wonder you live on your computer.  UGH!!