I’m pleased to announce that I have my first author to join the newly formed Blush Erotica Pubs.  Her name is Tress Jolie, and I just published the first part of her first book, Fallen Angel.  Be sure to head over to Smashwords to read the first part for free!



Blush the publisher

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Erotica
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Hey there!  I just had a thought after noticing one of my favorite erotic authors on Smashwords is also a publisher.  I think that’s something I can do.  So if you like to write short smut and are too shy to put yourself out there (or just don’t want to give your social security number to anyone), I can publish it for you.  I’ll edit it, design the cover and even publish it on Amazon (in addition to Smashwords and all the bookstores they distribute to), and all I’ll get is 25% of any net sales you bring in.  Since I will be editing and designing the cover (unless you want to make that), I will require exclusivity for a year.

The only catch is that I get final say on what stories I’ll publish under my name.  If I can’t get through it to edit it, then I won’t publish it.  Don’t worry though, it’s rare I can’t finish a story, and I’ve read some doozies. One had anal this and anal that in just about every sentence.  Couldn’t make it through the first chapter.

All I’ll need from you is a paypal account where I can send your monthly earnings (if any), and of course I’ll provide a breakdown of sales. No personal information will be required up front and then only if you make more then $600 in any calendar year. If you still don’t wish to provide a social security number, you can easily apply for an EID (easily get yours now online), which I personally think everyone should have anyway.

There are a few things I won’t even attempt to read, and here they are:

Necrophilia (other than the living dead: vampires, zombie, etc are OK)
Anything to do with crap (literally, that is disgusting)
Sex with children (this isn’t allowed anywhere anyway)
Gratuitous violence and/or gore (remember, this is erotica, not horror fiction)

If I can think of anything else, I’ll add it later.  I’m not including bestiality as a no no, but you do need to realize that it won’t be distributed beyond Smashwords, and I can’t publish it on Amazon. Also note that I deliberately left off gay erotica from the taboo list, since although I don’t like reading or writing it, I know that many people do. So as long as it doesn’t break any of the above rules, hit me with your best shot.

If you’re interested, please visit the submissions page and fill in the form. https://blushrerotica.wordpress.com/submissions/

Now’s your chance to save some money and get two of my newest books together.  This book can’t be found in searches, so I’m guessing that Spicy is too kinky to be advertised. It can only be found by a direct link: http://www.amazon.com/Spicy-Brenna-Beast-Erotic-Collection-ebook/dp/B00Z9120WG or by visiting my author page: http://www.amazon.com/Blush-Rose/e/B00FM88P3E

Ok, I guess pigs do have wings and hell has frozen over.  EL James made good with her threats on writing 50 Shades of Grey from Christian’s POV.  And here it is:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y6QF0PE

I can only hope that none of you who actually click this link will buy the book, since I won’t even get commission for it. DAMMIT!  But the thing that really irks me is that the greedy bitch has priced it at $9.99 (ETA lowered to $7.99) for the Kindle as well as the paperback. Like it costs as much to release it in ebook format as printing the fucking book?  OMG!  To make matters even worse, it’s currently #2, and I’m sure with all the sad sacks out there who like this rubbish, it will be #1 before its official release date of June 18th. That’s right. The damn thing isn’t even available right now, but the damn stupid bimbos are buying it up like it’s crack.

I hope that the majority of the morons who  will finally get inside the book Christian’s head will immediately realize their mistake and demand their refunds.  Luckily, Amazon does allow this for up to 2 weeks.  I know since I’ve seen some stingy shits doing that with my books on occasion. Luckily though more people keep the books than actually have the nerve to read it for free.

I for one didn’t even want to read the book from Ana’s POV, so I certainly don’t want to get inside the head of the monster Christian is on paper.  Write it based on the movie Christian, then I might be tempted!

6/3/15 ETA: UGH! It’s now #1 bestseller on Amazon!  What is the world coming to?!?!

BDSM Collection

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For those of you who would like a collection of my erotica, I have released one with my 15 Layers trilogy, Kinky Kitty Kept, Roni’s Abduction and my brand new hot short, Tempting the Boss. You can currently get it on Amazon. It will be on the other retailers as soon as Smashwords gets around to approving it for distribution.


The one volume version of Spicy is now available on Amazon.  It is a bit more there than on other sites, so I have included a bonus kinky sex scene for those of you who choose to buy it on Amazon.


1. I actually finished the movie. Can’t say that for the book.
2. The movie was loosely based on the book.  My inner goddess does back flips of joy!
3. No idiotic inner goddess or that other prudish glasses wearing conscience.
4. I actually liked the movie Christian.
5. I actually liked the movie Anastasia.
6. They got rid of all that crap about Ana not owning a computer or cellphone, though it was a flip-phone and the computer was “broken”.
7. They got rid of the punishment sex after Ana wouldn’t let Christian grope her under the table at his parents’ dinner.
8. They got rid of all the Holy Cow…holy crap…holy etc.  Holy hell, that was eye rollingly irritating.
9. Ana is actually funny in the movie.
10. EL James didn’t write the script.
11. I actually felt bad for Christian at the end, when he was afraid of losing Ana.
12. I actually felt bad for Ana at the end, when she realized she couldn’t handle his 50 shades of fuckedupness.
13. They didn’t include the infamous tampon scene (I gave up on the book right before this scene, thank GOD!)
14. Christian didn’t seem quite as creepy and stalkerish as in the book.
15. And last but certainly not least, the email correspondence between them was majorly (and I’m not joking here) majorly toned down.

I’m sure I could make it to 50 reasons, but it would get boring by then.  🙂  There is a lot to hate in the book, but not so much in the movie.  Except for when they stick close to the ending from the book, the movie is really good.  Ana’s sexual awakening is sexy to watch, and far more believable than in the book.  That Ana would climax if Christian breathed on her.  I’m sure I rolled my eyes more than she did.

I’ve decided to see if I can come up with 50 reasons:

16. The book Ana is stupid, while the movie Ana is quite clever.
17. The movie Christian doesn’t harp on what Ana eats.
18. Ana’s orgasms are more believable in the movie.
19. There’s less of Jose in the movie.
20. You don’t have to suffer through badly written prose.
21. The dialogue is better.
22. Ana in the movie wasn’t constantly afraid of upsetting Christian.
23. I wasn’t disgusted and pissed off as I watched the movie, like I was for the book.
24. Ana didn’t desert her mother the night Christian arrived in Georgia unannounced.
25. I didn’t hate the movie.

Well, I made it to 25.  I’ll add more as I think of them.  🙂