15 reasons why 50 Shades of Grey the movie is far better than the book!

Posted: May 17, 2015 in Smut
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1. I actually finished the movie. Can’t say that for the book.
2. The movie was loosely based on the book.  My inner goddess does back flips of joy!
3. No idiotic inner goddess or that other prudish glasses wearing conscience.
4. I actually liked the movie Christian.
5. I actually liked the movie Anastasia.
6. They got rid of all that crap about Ana not owning a computer or cellphone, though it was a flip-phone and the computer was “broken”.
7. They got rid of the punishment sex after Ana wouldn’t let Christian grope her under the table at his parents’ dinner.
8. They got rid of all the Holy Cow…holy crap…holy etc.  Holy hell, that was eye rollingly irritating.
9. Ana is actually funny in the movie.
10. EL James didn’t write the script.
11. I actually felt bad for Christian at the end, when he was afraid of losing Ana.
12. I actually felt bad for Ana at the end, when she realized she couldn’t handle his 50 shades of fuckedupness.
13. They didn’t include the infamous tampon scene (I gave up on the book right before this scene, thank GOD!)
14. Christian didn’t seem quite as creepy and stalkerish as in the book.
15. And last but certainly not least, the email correspondence between them was majorly (and I’m not joking here) majorly toned down.

I’m sure I could make it to 50 reasons, but it would get boring by then.  🙂  There is a lot to hate in the book, but not so much in the movie.  Except for when they stick close to the ending from the book, the movie is really good.  Ana’s sexual awakening is sexy to watch, and far more believable than in the book.  That Ana would climax if Christian breathed on her.  I’m sure I rolled my eyes more than she did.

I’ve decided to see if I can come up with 50 reasons:

16. The book Ana is stupid, while the movie Ana is quite clever.
17. The movie Christian doesn’t harp on what Ana eats.
18. Ana’s orgasms are more believable in the movie.
19. There’s less of Jose in the movie.
20. You don’t have to suffer through badly written prose.
21. The dialogue is better.
22. Ana in the movie wasn’t constantly afraid of upsetting Christian.
23. I wasn’t disgusted and pissed off as I watched the movie, like I was for the book.
24. Ana didn’t desert her mother the night Christian arrived in Georgia unannounced.
25. I didn’t hate the movie.

Well, I made it to 25.  I’ll add more as I think of them.  🙂


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