2nd – You might be a thoughtless, inconsiderate ass if…

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Smut

…you’re in the far right lane and at the very last second dart over three lanes of traffic to cut off the car in that lane to get on the freeway.

…you’re too busy talking on your cellphone to drive the speed limit.

…you spit or throw ANYTHING out of your car window.

…you cut someone off to steal a parking spot they were waiting for.

…you use the last of the toilet paper but don’t replace the roll.

…you drink the last cold community/family soda but don’t put more in the fridge to chill.

…your food makes a mess in the microwave but you don’t bother to clean it up.

…you drop something on the floor and leave it there.

…you leave your clothes everywhere but in the hamper.

…when pushing your grocery cart through the parking lot, you stay in the center of the aisle instead of either side, not caring you’re blocking cars driving through…and then glare at the cars behind you for getting too close.

…you speed up every time another car tries to pass you, and then slow back down once they get behind you.


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