Preparing for a disaster

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Smut

I know I should be writing, but I’ve had something gnawing at me for awhile.  Then it hit me what it is.  I have had the idea to set up a disaster ready backpack in the unlikely event that zombies take over the world.  Or more realistically our country falls apart and life as we know it comes to a screeching halt.  How can I not be nervous with Obama in the white house?  I fear that when it comes close to the next election, he is either going to attempt to get rid of the amendment limiting his damage to two terms, or he will create a catastrophe so he can declare Marshall law.  If that happens, shit will hit the fan, and I want my family to be prepared for it.  So what have I been doing?  Buying supplies of course.  I’ll list what I have so far. Maybe writing it all out will remind me what I’m missing:

Several back packs
crossbow pistol with 12 arrow bolts (for protection of course, since guns are harder to get and more expensive, not to mention bullets)
multi purpose tool with pliers, knife, saw, scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener, file and a few other things
Emergency survival food bars
peanut butter powder
water purification tablets
solar powered radio/flashlight
200 hour emergency flashlight/flasher
manual can opener
vacuum bags for clothes
2 XL emergency blankets
first aid kit
portable laundry reel
paracord bracelets with caribiners
firestarter kit with magnesium,matches,candle,kindling
flint stone
pack of 12 hour light sticks
camping size pot & pan
pocket stove with fuel cubes
mini wrapped soaps

I still need to fill my 3 gallon jug of water and decide how best to store that in one of the backpacks.  I figure when/if that shit hits the fan, we’ll fill up one of the back packs with all the canned/dry goods in our pantry.  I’ll probably put our cash stash in there too, since money might be good for awhile.  Guess I should take jewelry too.  I’m sure my husband will have his own ideas of what to bring, but he will probably think on too big of a scale. I’m trying to think of what the family can carry on our backs, and his grill won’t fit.  LOL

No, it’s not a laughing matter, and maybe the apocalypse will never happen.  But I’m of the mindset that it’s better to be prepared than taken by surprise!


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