Oh Jen!

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Smut

Oh Jen!

She sits upon a throne of her own creation
starving for the adoration of her screwed up Nation.
Spewing her venom for the world to consume,
as she whines constantly about her gloom and doom.

Does she need reinforcement for her opinion so badly
that she has so completely lost grip of her sanity?
Trashing Buffy and the gang for all the wrong reasons,
even though she has watched every last season.

At least 50 Shades of Grey deserved her punches,
but what’s next on her grim list? Well I have hunches.
Fellow authors who aren’t politically correct are targets,
if they dare insult her favorite fag fiction markets.

She claims to be married to a dude and is submissive,
but here’s guessing she prefers a taco to a sausage.


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